Viatran, a Dynisco company, is a worldwide leader providing pressure and level sensors. Our sensors provide accurate and repeatable measurements, are designed for all pressure ranges and most temperatures.

They are designed to withstand the most aggressive and harsh environments in applications such as oil and gas services, steel productions, food and medical equipment, injection molding, die casting and chemical production.

Viatran started in 1965 in a old garage on the west side of Buffalo . Three people and approximately 1,200 sq. ft. of space was all that was required to completed the first order for one transducer.

One year later, Viatran and twenty very cramped employees moved to a facility with approximately 4,000 sq. ft. As the business grew, so did the need for larger locations. In 1972, Viatran moved to the present location on Grand Island. The 12,000 sq. ft. building housed 50 employees and was further expanded in 1978 when another 6,000 sq. ft were added onto the building.

From the beginning, 40 years ago, Viatran Corporation has been a manufacturer of pressure and level measurement devices. Our mission is to engage in a cooperative approach to new product development specific to the customers process or application requirements. We also offer a variety of options and modifications that best suit customer needs. Our customers like to think of Viatran as their engineer to order company.

Viatran Corporation is proud of 40 years in Western New York. Many of our employees began their careers with Viatran, and continue to work here. Started as a family company, the family spirit still exists here at Viatran, making it a great place for employees.

VarTech Systems Inc.


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Founded in 1988, VarTech Systems is a full-service repair and manufacturing company of high-performance, industrial-grade display systems. VarTech serves major commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, third-party maintenance companies, value-added resellers and numerous military facilities.

Our products are for use within control rooms to the factory floor and are ideal for operating in extreme or harsh environments, or within mission critical applications.

Industrial Display systems are the beginning and end result of each action a user makes when operating any process control system, on-board ship-self-defense system, or manufacturing operation. Therefore, VarTech Systems plays a crucial role in the successful operation of your business or application process.

From the factory floor to the control room, VarTech Systems has the quality services and products you need. We invite you to take a closer look at our company, our services, our products, and the people who are here to serve you.


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HISTORY : TRAXSYS was originally formed during the late 1950s by Professor W. A. Penny and Mr. J. Giles under the brand name "Penny & Giles Ltd", with the intention of providing the aerospace and military sectors with design and manufacture of specialist position sensors and data recording equipment.

The company prospered, forming subsidiary companies as new products and markets emerged, and during the 1980s became listed on the London stock exchange. The subsidiary company, Penny & Giles Computer Products Ltd was formed in 1986, operating as a wholly owned part of Penny & Giles International plc whose purpose was the design and manufacture of niche market track balls and computer input devises for the medical, military and industrial sectors.

In 2002 an approach was made by one of Penny & Giles Computer Product's major customers with a view to acquisition and finally resulting in new ownership by the American Esterline Technology Group of predominantly US companies under the continued supervision of the UK management team. A growing commitment to civil aerospace and medical markets lead to full ISO9001-2000 quality listing along with major customer approvals in all major counties and market sectors.

From October 2003 the old Penny & Giles name was replaced by TRAXSYS a new brand name that better describes there growing products and services, while at the same time underwriting a major milestone in there history and transition to a truly global supplier of cursor control products. As market leaders in the supply of high end track balls to all major market sectors the TRAXSYS brand serves us as we respond and manage a further phase of planned expansion supported by Esterline.

SOURIAU connection

3304_SOURIAUminiSouriau_webSOURIAU is focused on the supply of connection technologies for severe environment. SOURIAU has a presence in the world's major aerospace / defense programs and is strongly positioned in the railways, geophysical, robotics and instrumentation markets.

The Company unites under the prestigious name of “SOURIAU” the products and technologies of JUPITER, SOURIAU, and BURNDY that are focused on the supply of connection technologies in harsh environments for industrial, aerospace, military and space applications.

SOURIAU strategy follows the action plans launched over the last several years:

  • Bring the best service to our customers
  • Be the leader in technology in our markets
  • Provide our employees the best possible working conditions
  • Establish strong ties with our top customers and suppliers
  • Embrace continuous improvement processes
  • Expand our market share worldwide
  • Increase our competitiveness


The partnership that has been developed over the last 30 years with our major customers, the high level of research and development investments, the quality of our production assets and the renowned quality of our employees give SOURIAU the means to achieve an ambitious growth.