Who is Beatronic Supply

The history:

Beatronic Supply ApS (Ltd.) is a trading and engineering company which was founded in 1985 by Mr. Bent Gothenborg. In the first years the main product was a dedicated power supply test equipment from INTEPRO in Ireland but after a couple of years in business and a lot of new products in the portfolio, four main product lines were formed:

  • Test, source and measuring equipment
  • Environmental simulation equipment
  • Sensor and control components
  • Electro-mechanic components

In the early 1990 we entered the Czech Republic, basically one man and his briefcase. Five years after, our office in Brno was a reality. From here we started to service the complete former Eastern Europe. It became clear that more offices were needed in order for us to maintain our customers. Offices in Slovak Republic, Poland, Greece and Ukraine.


The Danish Office is the main office. We hold all contracts with our suppliers and we are also the financial safety net for our subsidiaries. But all subsidiaries are in principle unique offices themselves and are viewed as profit centres. From Denmark we initiate new offices around the world just like we issue the policies and strategies.


Our basic area of activities is all of Europe (both EU and former Eastern Europe) but we also conduct a considerable amount of business in the rest of world, where the special expertise of our staff enables us to represent a number of leading international companies.


What are our objectives?

The strategies:

We take pride in getting to know our customers and the markets and branches in which they operate, and spend considerable resources in the achievement of this goal. We believe that all our customers are entitled to receive expert and attentive service - no matter what the size, no matter which branch they operate in, and no matter how complicated their problem might be. In pursuit of these objectives, we have selected a range of world leading manufacturers of.... SOURCE, TEST AND MEASURING EQUIPMENT.