Alphabetic supplier list


Alphabetic list of our suppliers and a short description of their product range and services.


List of our suppliers:



Abbott electronics Ltd. Military DC/DC converter USA
ACL Staticide Static control and office cleaning products USA
Advanced Input Systems Custom designed keyboards USA
American High Voltage High voltage power supply USA
AOiP Instrumentation Process calibrator and micro ohmmeter France
Aries Ingeniería Ultraspeed video systems Spain
Convergy DC/DC converter and power supply France
Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S Ruggedized cameras Denmark
Emeta Mät & Automation AB Pulse encoder Sweden
ETRI SA Fan and cooler France
FCI Framatome Connectors Connectors France
FUG Elektronik GmbH High volt/current DC power supply Germany
Heinä Tumbling testing devices for electronic industry Finland
IKEY keyboard Military and rugged keyboards USA
InduKey® IP68 sealed and rugged keyboards Germany
ITF Engineering GmbH Mechanic test equipment Germany
iX Cameras High Speed and vision cameras England
Judd Wire inc. Wire and cable USA
Kappa OEM camera modules Germany
Mikrotron GmbH High Speed and vision cameras Germany
MPL Elektronik AG Rugged industrial computer and hardware Switzerland
Photonfocus AG Engineering of CMOS sensors for vision camera Switzerland
PG Drives Technology (Penny & Giles Drives) Advanced motor controllers England
Reltech Limited Burn-in systems England
RMS Dynamic Test Systems GmbH Vibration and shock test equipment Germany
SOURIAU Military connectors France
Sydor Technologies Ballistic and impact testing solutions USA
Uterna Electrical chamber furnaces Lithuania
Weibel Scientific A/S Production and development of Doppler radars Denmark
VarTech Systems Inc. Ruggedized LCD Flat Panel Displays USA
Vectronix (Leica) Aiming equipment Switzerland
Viatran Pressure and level sensors USA
XCEL Power Systems Military DC/DC converter England