The Polish office

IMGP1370In Jan 2000 we established a subsidiary company in the Poland, located in Warszawa. After having our Polish domicile in the Northern part of Warszawa, we moved in 2010 to a more central location in the embassy area of Warszawa. The Polish office is the largest of our 5 offices and are offering the same range of products as the Danish and Czech division with a special focus on Vötsch Industritechnik climatic products, components form Penny & Giles and Weibel radars.


Apart for the obvious Polish territory, this office also handle business in Baltic countries; Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.


Beatronic Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Pańska 98/12
00-837 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 749 17 10
+48 22 749 17 17
VAT# PL-524 24 45 866


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