ACL Staticide



ACL Incorporated (brand name Staticide) is a world leader in static control and office cleaning products.

There success is the result of superior products, high standards of performance, competitive strategies and the high integrity of there staff.

It is the quality policy of ACL Staticide to achieve the highest standards of product quality and customer service. In order to achieve this, the company has implemented a corporate wide quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

The quality system communicates expectations, establishes controls and fosters a culture committed to excellence in everything we do. Through management leadership, internal communication, competence, awareness and training, we are committed to meeting the objectives of the company to achieve the highest standard of product quality and service.

Through the years, ACL Staticide® has developed two product lines which can be categorized, but not limited to, static control products for Industrial use and Commercial and office cleaning static control products. Subsequently, ACL is one of the largest manufacturers of topical anti-static liquids, wipes and office/computer cleaning products. ACL’s principal product is Staticide®; a proprietary branded anti-static compound.

ACL specializes in topical anti-static liquids, wipes, static dissipative floor finishes and static detection meters. These static eliminating products are part of an efficient program to decay static on contact in addition to monitoring and preventing static build up. ACL’s static control products are used in many industries, from high tech electronic production areas to textile, plastic and medical industries.

ACL’s computer cleaning products feature anti-static towelettes and sprays for eliminating static in the office or computer environment. Additionally, the Staticide® line offers safe, easy-to-use, economical specialty cleaning kits designed for computers, fax machines, laser printers, CD drives and other office equipment.