Abbott electronics

abbott1WEB-abb1Abbott's reliability is not just a slogan. It is the prime objective in every phase of the products we manufacture. Abbott Electronics, Inc. has 45 years experience in "commercial off the shelf" power supplies for industrial and military applications.

There internal R&D engineers assure innovative technology, while at the same time producing products that are tested and fully qualified to provide a low risk solution to your power requirements. A 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in Los Angeles, California, serves as the production site, equipped with environmental and EMI screening facilities.

With over 1,500 standard catalogue products, Abbott currently offer low noise, state of the art AC/DC power supplies to 10 W/cubic inch, DC/DC converters to 50 W/cubic inch, and DC/AC sine wave inverters. Abbott products are included in applications such as space shuttle missions, commercial computers, commercial and military aircraft, and various missile programs.