Penny + Giles Controls



Penny + Giles Controls is wholly owned by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation of Parsippany, New Jersey, USA. Curtiss-Wright is a diversified, global enterprise delivering highly engineered, technologically advanced, value-added products and services to a broad range of industries in the motion control, flow control and metal treatment market segments.

Penny + Giles was founded in 1956 out of a partnership between William Penny and James Giles, where they identified a demand for instrumentation in the aviation industry for high precision, high reliability wire-wound potentiometric devices for customers engaged in aircraft flight testing.


From the first potentiometric products which were used for measuring the position of flaps on early jet aircraft, to the inductive joysticks which are found on today's powered wheelchairs, we have established a reputation for supplying highly reliable, cost effective products for the most demanding applications.

Our high degree of technical capability in the production of top quality precision displacement transducers and manual controllers is centred around the specialised technology of handling and winding very fine resistance wire to close limits and the volume production of co-moulded conductive plastic tracks; to this end we have designed and built much of our own production, test, and inspection equipment. We have, over more than 40 years, built an unsurpassed store of experience in fine wire technology, which is supported by high precision mechanical engineering.

Quality Systems

Throughout its history, the company has adhered to the highest standards of quality and precision; and now carries specific approvals from many of the world's major aerospace equipment manufacturers and the British Civil Aviation Authority, as well as gaining BS / EN / IS09001 status at both it's manufacturing sites in the early 1990's. Quality is at the heart of the Penny & Giles partnership approach to the business, from the earliest design stages through to the delivery of the product.

Product Profile

The products we can offer include:

  • Joystick Controllers
  • Potentiometric Position Sensors
  • Inductive Position Sensors
  • Digital Panel Indicators
  • Solenoids
  • Studio Faders
  • Windspeed and Direction Indicators


The markets we serve are wide and varied and include Aerospace and Defence, Construction Equipment, Remote Control, Powered Wheelchairs, Camera Controls, Marine, Materials Handling Equipment, Leisure Simulation, Automotive, Motorsport and Professional Broadcasting and Recording.